Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Long Haul to TdF2011

Somewhere over Broome I swore this was the last time I would take the long-haul to Europe. Jammed uncomfortably in economy class with another few hours before KL, the prospect of another 12 hours to Paris after that wasn't pretty. But things improved on the 2nd leg with a spare seat on the aisle giving us 4 between 3 of us. I was tired enough to sleep a fair bit as well having watched 3 (and a half) movies on the first sector.

We landed in Paris on time about 6.30am but had a long wait for our subsequent departures for Barcelona and Rennes respectively, Wisely my wife and daughter have chosen to have a week in Barcelona whilst I pedal around after the TdF pros. I overestimated the time required for a smooth transition so we had way too much too spare. Still my train was away on time although the girls' plane for Spain was 30min late leaving. Hope they get it sorted alright with the apartment when they finally arrive.

Bizarre observations for the day are both musical. Starbucks in KLIA (worst ice-choc ever apparently...) was playing Bob Marley then followed up with the first two tracks off one of my fave albums of all time, Supersession by Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills, then Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil wailed out over the concourse PA at the CDG Railway station between regular announcements.

I'm writing tis on the TGV to Rennes, still wondering who won Wimbledon, but hoping to catch the end of Stage 3 on le Tour when I get there in couple of hours.

PS: Djokovic!!?? And I did see the end of the stage .... time for bed now...zzzzzzzzz

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