Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Day on Topbike Tour to Le Tour de France 2011

Today we rode a huge loop from Mur de Barrez to Vic sur Cere then to Aurillac and bck to MdB - 93kms and lots of hills. The weather finally came through with 30C here today.

It's the last day on the Topbike Tour for me and it has been great, something I've always wanted to do. 

A rest and coffee in Vic sur Cere....

We rode back over the range to Vic sur Cere where we had coffee opposite the BMC hotel. Didn't see Cadel today but that's his bike heading out on the team car. We had a sneaky peak at the BMC bus in the hotel driveway...In the other pic, JOK and Wade 'CyclingTips' Wallace relax with a coffee.

We then rode on down the Cere valley to Aurillac where we found the Movistar hotel and bus. Lots of cleaning and maintenance going on ... a few of the guys scored some bidons from the team soigneurs.

Movistar team bus in Aurillac...

From Aurillac we had to ride back over the hills again to Mur-de-Barrez, the last 12-14 kms a solid climb. I rode this with Peter and we paused for a break on this last ride.

Here's  Pete with the bikes on the last climb of the last ride of the trip...

...and here's me taken at the same spot. That was one hot ride as I recall.

Tomorrow it's down to Montpellier for one night then TGV to Paris for me to catch up with the family.

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