Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What to wear....? TDF 2011 Kit

Before heading to Le Tour I flirted with the idea of taking Simon's Bomber footy jumper with 31 on the back. I thought the better of it for a couple of reasons - my body shape would be an insult to D Fletcher, grey-haired middle-aged guys in footy jumpers just--look--stupid ... and, as a friend pointed out, the whole footy-jumper-at-Le-Tour thing is a bit passe anyway.

I'm glad I didn't take it as I hate those guys that jump out on the mountain climbs and hassle the rider and I cringe when I see some dopey aussie in a footy jumper and/or flag making a goose of himself.

Then there is this guy who we saw waiting outside the BMC bus at Aigourande (Stage 7 start) for a sighting of C Evans - no footy jumper but he has the flag and a Hawks cap on board (that figures...). He made short work of his hot dogs and didn't look like he'd been near a bike in a while unless the rider was flogging food.

But, hey, at least he's a sportsfan!!

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