Monday, March 3, 2014

Mt Donna Buang Ride

Descending the gravel from Donna Buang to Don Rd.
Justin and I are preparing for a 5 day tour next week and, as he is short on climbing recently, we ventured once more to Mt Donna Buang.

Our proposed tour has 3 tough days of 80+kms and some decent climbing so we need to put some altitude in the legs. Climbing on tour is a bit easier because you just take your time. On the other hand you have extra weight on board and heavier kit, so some training is wise. My recent efforts have helped me out a lot so I shouldn't have too much trouble - I hope !!

Still, I'll be fitting the new 34t inner ring to my cranks this week and riding with the big 30t rear cassette. We may do another ride up the back of Donna this week (on the gravel) as we have lots of gravel ahead of us next week. Should be fun ...

Here is the Strava from last Friday's ride.

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