Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 1/2 Weeks - And Making Progress .... to Smith's Gully, at least !

Maybe I could have had an affair with Kim Basinger in the same tiem, but .... well I fell off on May 26 and today was finally a decent climbing ride and a fair distance. Longest, climby-est ride for 4 months in fact. And it was a cracker of a day for it !! Went out via Koonung Trail, Wonga Park, and Kangaroo Ground to Smith's Gully. 

Light traffic mostly, though a little busy near Warrandyte where I was brushed with the deadly whispering-death breath of those bloody buses, confronted by an opening door from a woman who had only just passed me, and cut short by a left-turning 4WD towing a trailer all within about 400m... :!: ... but apart from that it was OK.

Here's a pic of the noble steed at rest, with a view east from Kangaroo Ground to the Dandenongs and beyond - note the fog still lying in the Yarra Valley between Wonga Park and Chirnside Park. I met two guys at the Smith's Gully store who'd ridden through that fog and, cheekily, through the Heritage Golf Club in the process. But apparently 'cycling is the new golf' so .... :D 

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