Friday, December 21, 2012

Surplus Pledge Dumped ... !!

Press Release from the Office of SLOBSportCycling - Directeur Sportif:
"SLOBSportCycling Management have proactively determined to revise plans for a km surplus beyond 10,000 for the 2012 calendar year. Opinions from a multitude of cycling and relationship experts, gurus and naysayers, the best in the field, suggest it would be irresponsible to mindlessly pursue a surplus at this time. 


I have also assessed the damp patch on my bath towel, the activity of the bees from my backyard hive (including a rare, once in a lifetime sighting of a 'mating flight') and the indolent behaviour of Snowy and Sooty (domestic cats) in recent times and the message is clear - pursuit of the previously projected surplus makes no sense at this time in the cycle (haha...see what I did there...?) 

It has become clear that current physical conditions, time and resource constraints (CX bike at the workshop for new bottom bracket..) and forward activity projections over the Xmas/NewYear fortnight make it more prudent to maintain energy expenditure elsewhere to support important festive and family services, rather than risk physical, mental and domestic conditions actually deteriorating in order to produce a notional surplus at Dec31 2012.

In addition it has come to my attention that, as the office calendar as supplied by the oracle Leunig actually ends on Dec31 2012, and there is no similar calendar on hand for beyond that date, irrational belief systems central to SLOBSportsCycling guiding philosophy suggest the world may indeed come to an end at midnight on that date. Therefore we have stocked the SLOBSportsCycling fridge with Sparkling Shiraz and plan to basically take an each-way bet leading up to the projected apocalypse.

Whilst it is planned to complete several rides over the next 10 days, the determination to achieve 10,000kms is no longer the primary motivator. Rides will be selected for their enjoyment and feasibility in the face of competing priorities through this period. It is hoped that, should we survive beyond Dec31 2012, a reassessment of future cyclical (heh ...cyclical...) goals will lead to a prudent and physically responsible strategy for the management and SLOBSportsCycling team members to achieve real and sustainable outcomes, moving forward (at all times....).

...of course I might still make it - only 410 kms to go !! "


  1. Ha, Ha! Very funny Mike! With all this surplus dumping going on I wish I could dump my surplus kilos!!!

  2. Management accepts your reasonable excuses, and is looking forward to further off-road pursuits with family and friends over the holidays.


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