Friday, January 6, 2012

Warburton-Lake Mountain Ride

Yesterday J and I did a second ride to Lake Mountain in preparation for our Audax Alpine Challenge 135km ride on Jan 29th. It's 120 km return with plenty of climbing (over 2000m of total ascent) so should do the job OK.

Here is a shot (below) of J chatting to the only other inhabitants of these roads, the motorcyclists, who love riding here for the same reasons cyclists do - open, sweeping, quiet roads with very little car traffic. These guys love to talk about their machines and J always has a question for them, being a bit of an old biker himself.

MAMILycra meets MAMILeather.

At Lake Mountain Resort the buildings have been re-established and there are great facilities now for all sorts of summer & winter activities. Unfortunately the landscape around here will take many years to recover . The tress are totally dead where the 2009 fires swept through and will stand in stark contrast to the ground-level regrowth, which is now booming after two good winters, for many years to come.

Click on image below for Strava record ...

And finally, apropos to nothing in particualrar, here is a nice bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc we are enjoying at the moment. Apparently the bike denotes the 'green' credentials of the winery enterprise.... whatever.... tastes good!!

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