Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Audax Alpine Challenge 2012

On Jan 29th 2012 I rode the 'AAC130' (actually 121 kms)  from Bright over Tawonga Gap to Mt Beauty, up to Falls Creek and return. Once again I blame Justin for dragging me into this, another epic ride. You can see the route and summary data from the ride below. Don't be alarmed by the quoted max speed of 80kph - the GPS data is very dodgy for speed calculations. It was probably a bit less than that ... maybe 75 ... :)

It was a great day for riding, if a little warm (35C) and we left Bright at 7.20 am with the mist rising off the lower slopes of the Ovens Valley. I managed to ride well up the first climb to Tawonga Gap so I stopped to take a photo, hoping to catch Justin as he came through behind me. Alas, I missed him ... and never saw him again until after the ride back at Bright !! He descends very well and climbs nicely once he warms up and gets into it. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !! 

So here's the pic I took that put me behind and wondering where Justin was for the next few hours. That's Mt Bogong behind my left shoulder, I think, a brooding presence above Mt Beauty and the Kiwa Valley.

Here is a shot of me descending from Tawonga Gap into the Kiewa Valley. I'm pretty sure the little furry critter in the roadside grass is 'stuffed' ... and placed there by the photographer from Falls Creek Photos...those guys... :)

I look pretty fresh there (about 1 hour into the ride...) but coming back up that climb a few hours later was not so easy. But anyway I managed to get it done in just over 6hrs riding time and 7:17 overall. Not too bad for an old guy, I say.

As a warm up we rode out to Harrietville the day before, a nice easy 25km each way. I haven't been there for a looong time and it has certainly changed over the intervening years. We have an old photo somewhere from ....1973!! I'll try and find it and post it up here soon. This one is taken at the same spot.

Here's the elavation profile for the ride. That bit in the middle is Falls Creek, and the 'bump' either side is Tawonga Gap.

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