Friday, December 9, 2016

'New' Synapse Carbon 105

Synapse ready to roll.
I swore no new bikes unless I dropped below 75kgs... but sometimes a bargain comes along that can't be ignored !!

I picked up this bike secondhand. 2015 Cannondale Carbon 105 for $1600. It came with original RS81 wheelset/tyres/tubes and saddle, PLUS a set of Campagnolo Shamal Ultras, a spare Ultegra 10-speed crankset, some old Ultegra 6600 pedals and some other bits and bobs.

Barfly Garmin mount.

I sold the Campy wheels, the saddle, the RS81s, the original tyres and tubes for a total of $800. I had to spend $20 on a used seatpost as the two that came with the bike had been cut down too much (the seller had short legs !!)

So for $820 I had a 'new' bike with no wheels. I bought a new set of Shimano Ultegra wheels, and a new Barfly mount for my Garmin, put my spare saddle on, swapped my best tyres on and hey presto I have a $2000 bike for just over $1200. Not bad !!

I managed three rides on a spare set of wheels before I wrecked my back two weeks ago  and set some good times riding and climbing around my regular haunts in the Dandenongs. Pretty pleased with how it rides so far. 

Now it has new shoes and is a bit lighter I need to recover and get riding again toot-sweet if I hope to do the AAC 200 (MtBuffalo/FallsCk) on Jan 28th - only seven weeks away !!

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