Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Woods Point tour ...

After riding north to south from Wangaratta home to Melbourne via Jamieson and Woods Point last March, we decided to try the south to north route.

We started from Lilydale again rode to Reefton, Woods Point and Jamieson, and  and returned around the recently (last 2 years ?) sealed Eildon-Jamieson Rd and back via Marysville and the Acheron Way.

We were blessed again with great weather (autumn is the best time for bike touring here) and great riding. The WoodsPoint-Jamieson Rd is a hard ride going south, not so hard going north, The Eildon-Jamieson Rd is a brilliant ride, with the final descent towards Eildon a real highlight and ample reward for the tough early climb east of Big River.

Here are some pics from the ride.

Cabins at Reefton Pub.

McMahon'sCk, rear of Reefton Pub cabin.

Monday morning, Reefton Pub.

Back street, Jamieson.

Jamieson Arm, from E-J Rd.

Eildon Weir, from E-J Rd

Cockies like chips, Eildon.

At the Gap on Acheron Way.

Cathedral Range.

Feel the serenity Eildon.

Lunch at Big River.

Cathedral Range.

Descending Frenchman's Gap.

Frenchmans Gap

Ón the Marysville-WoodsPt Rd.

At NineMile Rd, on M-WP Rd.

McAdamsGap, on M-WP Rd.

Lunch at Snakes Reserve, WP-Jamieson Rd.
At !5Mile Rd, E-J Rd.

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