Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tightening Bidon Mounts or Rivnuts

Today I finally got around to tightening the loose bidon mounts on the old Raceline road bike. I've been meaning to do it for ages since J explained to me how to go about it. It's pretty simple ....

First you need a decent length, good condition regular bidon bolt - preferably longer than the usual 20mm bolt. I found and used a 30mm one which was fine. You also need a matching nut and a washer. You need a standard 4mm allen key and something to tighen the nut with - I didn't have a small 4mm spanner so just used a set of pliers.

Wind the nut about half-way onto the bolt and place the washer onto the end. Then screw the whole thing into the wobbly bidon mount until the nut is tight against the mount with the washer between the two. Use the standard 4mm allen key to steady the bolt against turning and then tighten the nut against the washer/mount end. This pulls the bolt thread up against the screw force of the tightening nut and crimps the mount back firmly onto the aluminium frame tube on the bike.

Do this gradually and you will feel the mount tightening back onto the tube. Be careful not to apply too much force too suddenly, as you may strip the mount from the alloy frame if there is any weakness at all around the mounting point. When the mount feels tight reverse the direction of tightening the nut whilst keeping the bolt firmly in the same position with the allen key. Once the nut is loose again you can remove the bolt/nut/washer and the mount should now be firmly seated in the frame.

I thought there was only one loose mount, but there were actually 3 out of 4 that were loose to some extent. Now they are all firm again.

30mm allen bolt, nut and washer.
The correct arrangement on the mount

Left hand taking photo...

Firmly seated bidon mounts..

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