Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kangaroo Ground & St Andrews Ride

How long since I'd been out to the Memorial Tower at Kangaroo Ground? Oh, maybe 37 or 38 years .....

But it was worth the ride out through Warrandyte today - the views are fantastic in all directions but especially to the south east and the Dandenongs. You get a different perspective from this vantage point and the climb up the tower is well worth it.

If you look carefully at the picture of the tower you can see the bike leaning against the entrance, but the other pic doesn't do the view any justice at all. I wish I'd taken the camera along but the ride up to the tower was an impulse decision on the way to Smith's Gully and St Andrews.

It's like doing short hill repeats all the way from home and then back again, without even attempting the climb up to Kinglake - maybe next time.

This time I spent a pleasant 20 minutes sucking down a massive caramel milkshake along with a 'Smith's Gully Florentine' at the Smith's Gully General Store (highly recommended) before facing up to the return journey home.

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