Friday, August 3, 2012

A Touch of Spring in the Air...?

I originally had something else on the agenda today but .... having missed riding the 2 previous days with other commitments I ditched my plans and went riding instead !!

And what a day ! A real touch of Melbourne spring in the air, and I stiched a couple of regular routes together for a 57 km loop which finished with the run down the Main Yarra Trail which I like so much.

Tikalara Park at the confluence of Mullum Mullum Ck and the Yarra River..... 

Despite starting slowly I managed to get some mojo back after the mandatory break at the Mullum/Yarra confluence. It was perfect just sitting there alone in the sun for about 10 minutes with the only sounds being the gurgling of the river below and the warbling of the magpies above ... almost didn't want to leave, but what followed was a fast-paced ride down to Heidelberg and a decent effort on a couple of Strava segments either side of Banksia St.

It certainly helps having the flexibility to change plans at the drop of a hat !!

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