Monday, March 19, 2012

Kinglake Ride 18th March 2012

I'd never ridden to Kinglake before so I set out about 8am and rode to my mate Dave's place in Viewbank. From there we wiggled through Eltham and crossed over to the Diamond Ck Rd for a flatter ride out to St Andrews. It looked like it would be a nice ride back that way, once we'd done the climb up the ridge to Kinglake.

Just past St Andrews there is a nasty pinch climb creatively referred to on Strava as 'The Hill before Kinglake' (600m at 9.1%) which sorts you out early. Then you descend again briefly before the main climb takes you up to Kinglake at a more gentle average grade of 4.8% for about 7.4 kms.

The effects of the 2009 bushfires are still evident. There is not much cover from the roadside vegetation on the climb and at Kinglake it is now very open and exposed compared to what I remember from about a decade ago.

It took 2 hr 35 min to get there and 2 hrs flat to get home, after a break at the top. As expected the roll back through St Andrews and Diamond Ck was very cruisey and a nice reward for the earlier efforts on the way up.

Heres a link for those interested enough. Kinglake Ride

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